Information Technology (IT) means creating, managing, storing and exchanging information using all types of technology to deal with information. ITES is Information Technology that enables the business by improving the quality of service. The other names of ITES are remote services or web-enabled services. ITES includes a wide range of approaches and processes that use IT to enhance and increase an organization’s efficiency. This focus on verticals such as content management, finance and accounts, research and analytics segment. These services are used in various stages starting from data and workflow management to data warehousing, mining and business intelligence. Besides this, advance courses under IT & ITES are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Developer
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Analyst

Some of the job titles held by our trainees in IT & ITES sector are Computer Support Specialist, Database Administrator, IT Technician, BPO jobs, Cyber Security Expert and more.

"Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress." - Li Keqiang

A. Web Designing

Course Objective:

Web Designing course provides students with the skills and knowledge to Understand principle of Web page design and about types of website.

Job Opportunities:

After completion of the course in Web Designing candidates are employed by web Site Designing and Development sector. Some of the job titles held by candidates include web administration, web developer, front end support etc.

Unit Objective:

Basic principles involved in developing a web site, Planning process, Domains and Hosting, Responsive Web Designing, Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites), Introduction to HTML: What is HTML, HTML Documents, Basic structure of an HTML document, Creating an HTML document, Mark up Tags, Heading-Paragraphs, Line Breaks.

HTML Tags, Working with Text, Working with Lists, Tables and Frames, Working with Hyperlinks, Images and Multimedia, Working with Forms and controls.

Creating Style Sheet, CSS Properties, CSS Styling(Background, Text Format, Controlling Fonts), Working with block elements and objects, Working with Lists and Tables, CSS Id and Class, Box Model (Introduction, Border properties, Padding Properties, Margin properties), Creating page Layout and Site Designs.

Introduction to Java Script, Java script Types, Variables in JS, Operators in JS, Conditions Statement, Java Script Loops, JS Popup Boxes, JS Events.

Web Hosting Basics, Types of Hosting Packages, Registering domains, Defining Name Servers, Using Control Panel, Creating Emails in C panel,Basics of SEO, Importance of SEO

B. Computer Fundamental

Course Objective:

This course provides students with the skills and knowledge to carry out the operations a computer system that has hardware and software components, which controls and makes them useful.

Job Opportunities:

After completion of course in Computer Fundamental candidates are employed by in IT sectors as support engineer. Some of the job titles held by candidates include IT administrator, Network Engineers.

Unit Objective:

On completion of the unit Candidate should be able to know Historical evolution of computers, Generations of computers, Classification of computers - based on size, processor, Usefulness of Computers. Applications of computers, Block Diagram along its components and characteristics.

On completion of the unit Candidate should be able to understand definition Of Information, difference between data and information importance of Binary Number System, various number systems, Conversion from Decimal to Binary, Conversion from Binary to Decimal, binary number into hexadecimal number, hexadecimal number into binary number System

On completion of the unit, Candidate should be able to project a professional   image through proper knowledge of Hardware and Software, Types of Software’s, Introduction and need of operating system, Types of operating system, dos operating system, Types of dos Commands, operating system as a resource manager; Window desktop, components of Window

On completion of the unit, Candidate should be able to produce office documents using word processing spreadsheet and presentation software package. In addition Candidates will be able to handle file management and have a basic appreciation of the user level maintenance of hardware.

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C. Computer Security

Course Objective:

On completion of the course, student should be able to handle:

To discover software bugs that pose cyber security threats and to explain how to fix the bugs to mitigate such threats, to discover cyber-attack scenarios to web browsers and web servers and to explain how to mitigate such threats, to discover and explain mobile software bugs posing cyber security threats, explain and recreate exploits, and to explain mitigation techniques.

To articulate the urgent need for cyber security in critical computer systems, networks, and World Wide Web, and to explain various threat scenarios, to articulate the well-knowncyber-attack incidents, explain the attack scenarios, and explain mitigation techniques.

Job Opportunities:

Students are, equipped with knowledge and skills in Cyber Security administration are employed by companies in all sectors of the economy, statutory bodies and private sector companies. Some of the job title held by them includes Cyber Security Administrator, Security support assistants, Security service representative, Cyber Security planner etc.

Unit Objective:

Sample Attacks, The Marketplace for vulnerabilities, Error 404 Hacking digital India part 1 chase.   

Control Hijacking, More Control Hijacking attacks integer overflow

Error 404 digital Hacking in India part 2 chase, VM based isolation, Confinement principle,Software fault isolation

On completion of the module, student will be aware of Access Control Concepts, Unix and windows access control summary, other issues in access control, Introduction to browser isolation. Web security landscape: Web security definitions goals and threat models, HTTP content rendering. Browserisolation. Security interface, Cookies frames and frame busting,

Cryptography,RSA public key crypto,Digital signature Hash functions,Public key distribution,Real world protocols, Basic terminologies,Email security certificates

On completion of the module, student should be able to provide an overview of Basic security problems, Routing security,DNS revisited.

D. Software Project Management & Testing

Course Objective:

On completion of the course, students should be able to:

Handle Software testing, Handle black Box Testing, Handle White Box testing, Manage inbound\ outbound processing and developing process of Software.

Job Opportunities:

Software testing students are equipped with the knowledge and skills in integrated software Management, are employed by IT Companies. Some of the job titles held by S/W Testing students include software Co-ordinator and Testing Assistant etc.

Unit Objective:

Introduction to S/W project management, S/W project management competencies, responsibilities of a software project manager, software process, S/W process models, project planning.

Boundary value testing, Equivalence class testing, White Box Testing: statement coverage, branch coverage, condition coverage, path coverage, McCabe’s cycloramic complexity; Decision Table based testing, Data flow-based testing.

Integration testing, system testing, interaction testing, performance testing, Mutation testing, Regression testing, error seeding.

Issue in object-oriented testing, Test case design by object-oriented software, fault-based testing

Test case generation using UML diagrams, GUI testing, object-oriented system testing.

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